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END TIME: See What This Pastor Was Caught doing inside The Church That's Causing Public's Reaction

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One pastor surprised many people especially his members of the church who caused mixed responses after a video was uploaded. It was reported to perform miracles by playing football, this has led to many believers questioning the credibility of the pastor.

In the video the shepherd who was a great soccer player in the days, was taken with the ball ready to start the "work of god." but should he have gone too far to start doing this things in the church? that's the question some of the social media users are asking.

A few of his football tactics are deceived one by one, and they all go down to the ground all this time, even in a sarcastic manner which makes even all the church members laugh. He plays the football with unreal skills, and one wonder why a man of would turn the house of God into a football pitch.

In recent times we have seen many pastors coming out to claim that they can do almost everything that God does and this is totally unacceptable considering the fact that God is totally different from men, surely he created us and he holds the control over us so we shouldn't be competing with him in anyway.

This act of miracle or whatever you call it has become a popular trait among our pastors nowadays, even to the extent that they now claim to wake up the dead just like Jesus Christ did.

Although people have different opinions about pastors, some people believe that miracles by pastors are real, while some believe that it's highly impossible to perform miracles because only Jesus can perform miracles and that we have to wait until he comes back to the world again before we can see such things.

Do you think this is magic or real miracle? let's hear your own opinion

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