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Jay Israel who joined clique in Benin talks on the late prophet TB Joshua, Uncovers stunning Facts

Self-admitted counterfeit prophet Jay Israel has attacked the late TB Joshua addressing why he chose not to utilize his blessed oil, stickers, and water to recuperate himself. 

Prophet Jay Israel took to Facebook asserting that TB Joshua had a constant disease and he was taking drugs for as long as two years. 

Prophet Jay Israel composed: 



I recollect last year we did an uncover on this man, discussing his double dealings, falsehoods and controls. Numerous individuals have rushed into Nigeria to purchase blessed water, stickers and oils that he guaranteed can recuperate any affliction. Here is an exceptionally intriguing relationship. For as long as 2 years TB Joshua was taking drugs 0, popping pills since he had a constant ailment. 

None of this was made public since it would cripple the water and oil clients and shut down the business. On the off chance that this man was a genuine righteous man for what reason didn't he utilize his blessed water, oil and stickers to recuperate himself? The issue with our guileless and silly African siblings and sisters is that regardless of the signs they will perpetually be dazed by religion. Before he kicked the bucket he was a bogus prophet, a criminal, liar and a scoundrel and since he didn't go anything's changes, he stays the greatest Charlatan to at any point stroll on earth. Regardless of whether he makes paradise or damnation that is among him and God . 

May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter !! 

Prophet TB Joshua, originator of the Synagogue Church, everything being equal (SCOAN) passed on last end of the week in the wake of leading a community gathering. 

As per a few sources, the man of material died around 2am, hours after he strolled to his condo from a faith gathering to get some rest. 

Last year, Jay Israel confessed all out uncovering how he utilized evil dead pigeons, red towels and a horn to acquire influence, abundance and ubiquity while running a religion at his congregation, Times Live announced. 

Israel, who was brought into the world in Zimbabwe, gave a record of how, when he joined a religion in Benin, he accepted he had the option to prediction and cause individuals to do what he needed them to do. 

He told the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) on Monday that he began a congregation in Harare at 18 years old. 

Opening a congregation in SA, as indicated by Israel is simple. 

It's a sorry hustle. We began a social occasion and when individuals accumulated, it was a congregation before it was even enlisted." 

While still in Zimbabwe, Israel met a man from Ghana through Facebook who vowed to assist him with developing his congregation. 

"We began talking. He said he would take me to spots and assist me with getting greater groups. 

"I asked him how? He said he could even assist with forecasting. I was charmed. I was energized. I welcomed him to Zimbabwe," Israel said. 

He left for Ghana with the man and they then, at that point went to Benin where he was acquainted with an older man. 

"We took a lengthy drive to this town. As we were getting to the town, we saw such countless children. I inquired as to why there were such countless children?" 

He said the man revealed to him that the kids were seized and brought to the country as penances. 

"The children are utilized for dark penance. Their blood was utilized to forfeit. It terrified me a piece… " 

The elderly person asked him what he needed and Israel said he revealed to him that he needed his congregation to develop. 

"I said I need profound force and I need to see groups and I need to prediction and enlighten individuals things regarding themselves." 

He said he was told a custom for security would be done before he could get what he needed. 

"We rested in a room. It was terrifying. There were models spread with blood. 

"Numerous individuals across the world don't have a clue what prophets do before they can lead individuals. I'm not saying the force of God isn't there, yet we have couriers who are sent directly from damnation to address paradise. Individuals are maneuvered toward accepting that what they are told comes from God, yet it isn't close from being from God. 

"The man accompanied a razor. He utilized a dark substance and scoured it onto the cuts on my body. 

"I was washed with water blended in with leaves. They took pigeons and cut them and spread their blood all over me and they said this is presently the interaction of commencement." 

After this methodology, Israel said he was informed that he would be acquainted with the god that he would be venerating. 

He was told the name of the god was Atiovi. 

"The next day we went to another room where this god was. There was a great deal of blood all over [the room]. It seems like an African film. It's so unbelievable however what will be will be." 

He said he was advised to stoop and kneel before the god. He was additionally determined what to say to the god. 

"They said, 'alright, the commencement is done, we will give you a horn.' It was a bighorn and I kept it in my sack." 

The horn had a "head" inside which was a substance. 

Israel said the horn was covered with a red fabric. He was advised to utilize it before his community gatherings. 

"They said when you return to your country, you should make a penance to the god [the horn] before you go into a community gathering. They said you murder a pigeon or chicken and take its blood and smear it on the horn. I was advised to take gin and spit it on the top of the horn and say the words and lick it [blood] with your tongue." 

This was an "passage level" penance, he said. 

"I accept on the off chance that I was industrious I planned to do human penance since it resembles a medication. It's habit-forming… " 

He said he was not compelled to join a clique yet that he joined so he might have the ability to get down on individuals' names and do things he was unable to do all alone. 

As per Israel, "super" temples utilize human penances to stay rich and amazing. 

While engaged with the clique, Israel said he was acquainted with a devilish book of scriptures and different books on the best way to control and hoodwink individuals to get anything he desired. 

He would lead "Do as I say administrations" when he began a congregation in East London. 

He would utilize a red towel to get individuals to give him anything he desired. 

"I brought towels and I offered them to individuals. Before I could get them to individuals, I would exhibit what the towel could do. Whatever I advise the towel to do is the thing that the towel will make you do. 

"I would put the towel over an individual's head and they would tumble down." 

He utilized certain words to control swarms at chapel which his devotees thought was him talking in tongues. He would utilize book of scriptures sacred writings to make individuals offer cash to the congregation. He would bamboozle his adherents into accepting that on the off chance that they didn't pay tithes, they were looting God. 

"The development of the congregation didn't mean individuals were developing profoundly. It was about the thing I am getting toward the finish of this. In the wake of leaving everything with you, they [congregants] will think that its essential to return to you and thank you for cleaning them off." 

He said he was carrying on with a very good quality existence with a few vehicles and protectors. 

Individuals gave their most valued belongings to him. 

"I would show up in individuals' fantasies and mention to them what I need from them. They would come and say, 'I saw prophet in my fantasies advising me to give him my vehicle.' 

"In the event that I need to carry dread to someone, I would show up in their fantasies and alarm them. They would come and admit that they were addressing me." 

As indicated by Israel, numerous individuals have been oppressed profoundly. 

Israel said his mysterious life depleted him to a point where he depended on ladies, liquor and medications. 

"I adored the harsh life. I didn't care for chapel ladies." 

He said he left the clique since he became weary of butchering chickens as a penance. 

"I became weary of forfeiting chickens. I purchased a great deal of chickens to a point where individuals would ask me for what reason I was purchasing such a large number of chickens." 

At the point when he needed to escape the faction, Israel said he began having awful dreams and he was unable to rest around evening time. 

"I was unable to rest as a result of the fantasies that were frequenting me profoundly." 

He said he was informed that in the event that he didn't reestablish the muthi he would be executed. 

Israel professes to have apologized to individuals he hoodwinked and says he has returned every one of the belongings he got while running the clique.

Content created and supplied by: Bismark(1) (via Opera News )

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