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Three Things you must love and fear at the same time

We live in a world where whatever that we love becomes a priority to us and because of that we must be very careful about where and what we put our hearts in .Today we are going to talk about what we should love and fear at the same time because whatever you love and fear at the same time keeps you focused. But before I start kindly follow me.

1.We should love and fear God at the same time.God is a supreme being who created us and sent Jesus Christ to die for us out of love but it doesn't mean that because he loves us we can do whatever we like because the wrath of God is available despite his love for us.That is why we are supposed to also fear God even in our love for him .This does not mean that he is a wicked God but a way to keep us on the right track.

2.We should love and fear women at the same time.When you give your all to a woman who loves you just as you love her it very enjoyable and relaxing because she gives you her whole heart but hey bro don't be deceived.When a woman wants to end your life it is very easy that's why we always say the rise and fall of a man is in the hands of a woman so please in your love for woman add fear because that fear will always keep you focused and always on the right track.

3.Love everyone but fear hypocrites.

Every individual deserves to be loved as a human being but it does not mean that we should love everyone blindly because there are some people who are just hypocrites and pretenders. Such people are supposed to be feared because they are dangerous. Funny enough they can laugh,eat and play with you but you may never know the evil thing they are planning against you in the next moment.That is why you must fear people who pretend.

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