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The Poor Old Woman Gifted A Rev. Father 6 Eggs And It Has Changed Her Life.

The world still has a few good people who can sacrifice their all to make others happy. Among them is an old poor woman name Mrs.Kwasena. This old woman even when she had nothing still gave out her last 6 eggs as her contribution to Rev. Father who was reported to have been robbed last year. This old woman who walk with the aid of a stick, brought him 6 eggs for commiseration. Although this woman didn't have a good place to sleep she still saw the need to help others.

For her kind gesture of donating 6 eggs when armed robbers attacked the parish house last year motivated the Catholic priest to build her her house. In an interview, Rev. Father Ukeyima stated that " how will a woman with the heart of an angle sleep in a bad place " he questioned. 

He continued " i didn't build the house for mama, it's her 6 eggs that built it for her".

That woman has not been to any theology school but she has left a sermon for the world. This is the simple irony it pays to be good.

Stressing the need for humanitarian charity, the clergyman noted that the world was earnestly in need of love.

There's really more blessing in given.

The power of her 6 egg has changed her situation today.

Let this be an eye opening to the rest of the world.

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