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Plane Crash

What Do You Do When You Are Faced With A Situation Where You Have To Do Or Die ?

I remember vividly watching images of commercial airplanes being piloted into a building on CNN several years ago. As the world will remember on 11th September 2021, It was something almost out of the movies that no one has ever seen before. Grown-up men with their brains intact piloting commercial planes with passengers into skyscrapers in other to kill as many people as possible. As I watched the images on CNN on that fateful day I kept asking myself how a normal human being can do the unimaginable of killing his fellow human being that he does not even know in other to die? I mean to kill someone and yourself for a purpose or a cause that the person you are killing does not even know anything about?

These are people who got out of their homes to travel to different locations for various reasons, yet they ended up in a situation where they had to do something or die through no fault of theirs. What do you do when you have been put in a situation where you need to do something or die? In most cases, the only available option is to pray. When you are sitting in a plane where the one trying to kill you is the pilot who is controlling the plane, the only available option apart from getting access to the pilot and strangling him to death before he or she kills you is to pray. To talk to a higher authority and power beyond your control.

To talk to a higher power or authority means you have a relationship with that power and authority, that you are connected to that higher power and authority.

Every single day we get to live is like a gift wrap in a beautiful package, you have no idea what is really in the package. Whether you will end up in a plane with a pilot whose job is to kill you or whether you end up in a bus whose driver’s mood is capable of running that bus into the next vehicle in front of you, you do not know. Whether your car is capable of taking you to your destination, you do not know.

Your real life is borrowed because you are not promised anything. You're going out and coming in is never guaranteed. Whether you are rich or poor.Whether you are the president or maidservant.Whoever you are and whatever you are, you not promised anything

What is known is that there is a superior power and authority that is beyond your control. That superior power and authority hold your today and tomorrow. That superior power and authority is Jehovah. So why don’t you get connected to that superior power and authority? Get to know Jehovah and build a relationship with him so that your today and tomorrow can be guaranteed even in death.

When the greater one lives in you, there is nothing any man can do to you that can defeat you even in death.Death is never the end when you are connected to your source.

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