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Remember your forgotten dreams at night

Dreams is the spiritual configuration that connect our soul to the Cosmic world when we are asleep at any given time and space . One of the dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly is when you dream and you cannot remember in details what happened in that dream when you fall asleep . Your dreams can make you or unmask you . Your dream change your destiny for good or can end you in disaster.

Many people have taken their dreams for granted and today they are hopeless and empty in life because they took as normal . See, you dreams is a message from God whilst you live on this earth , so never take dreams for granted .

If you are the type of person who dream but cannot remember and this has been your problem for a long time , follow this remedy and trust me that you be amazed at the result how you would remember every dream you dreamt of .


- Ginger

- White vinegar.


Just crush the ginger and add it to the white vinegar. Add this solution to your bath water for 7 days to get your dream back. Or you mix the solution with soap and shower with it.

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Cosmic Ginger


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