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Pastor shot in church at Manso Nkwanta

The individual being referred to, Isaac Opoku should be the head Pastor of End Time Evangelical Ministry 

A pastor acknowledged to be in his 40s has evidently been gone after Yawkrom, near Manso Nkwanta in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region. 

As demonstrated by reports, the loss whose name was given as Isaac Opoku, the head Pastor of End Time Evangelical Ministry, was gone after short vicinity by the assailants when he was preparing for a local area meeting. 

the dark criminals had entered the assemblage premises under the presence of seeing the pastor for exhorting; they walked directly to the individual being referred to and asked from him whether he was Isaac Opoku. 

Relating the scene, a spectator Kaakyire Amoako explained that, when the clergyman asserted his name, one of the raiders mentioned that he say his last request before he would shoot him. He asserted that the evangelist was confounded, obliged to the requesting of the attacker, bowed his head and started mumbling a couple of words. 

In the wake of petitioning he raised his head just to be shot in the chest by one of the punks, while the other who was moreover outfitted with a weapon, stayed outside investigating the space. 

By and by, mourning tenants of Yawkrom can't discover what may have provoked the horrid movement of the aggressors. Regardless, the two shooters who were wearing nose covers fled from the space entering a nearby bush, reports say. 

The loss was rushed to the St. Martins Hospital at Agroyesum for clinical thought when unhinged cries by some frightened church people pulled in people to the assemblage. At that point, a dissent has been held up with the Manso Nkwanta District Police Command and a position clarification from the setback has been taken.

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