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The Queen of the Coast told me about the Bedroom Positions she brought onto the Earth - Confession

A brother in Christ has described some of his encounters while working in the occult industry. When the queen of the seashore came to meet him on earth, he suggested a case as a senior occult practitioner. They had sekx at all times while spending time together. During those encounters, the man described how the Queen of the Coast displayed both the sekxual positions of God and the sekxual positions of the devil. She maintained that those styles belonged to her because she invented and owns them.

The Queen of the Coast went on "When God's children have sekx with my position, I go to their chamber and share the pleasure with myself and the two individuals who are having sekx.” When they have sekx with a position that is not from God, many Christian couples welcome the queen of the coast into their bed. When the sea mermaid joins them in bed, they have a lot of fun, and the sort becomes rather unique because more than two individuals had sekx.

As a result, the marital bed became dirty and stained. When they engage in sekxual relations using positions represented in pornographic publications, the queen of the coast joins the children of God in a filthy bed. She is always present in God's children's bedrooms when they engage in forbidden positions, and she attends and participates in their sekxual lives. Because of how they do it, many couples invite the ladies from the water when having sekx. Many pastors and prophets are ready to lead souls to perdition in the end-of-the-world planet beneath the sea.

The man changed his tune and explained how the use of some bogus products gave them the green light to operate. "We weren't allowed to enter churches where ladies had ceased wearing makeup," he added, adding that "any preacher who rejects outward ornamentation and makeup will suffer hostility from the marine kingdom." "This is what the Bible says about wigs and artificial hair," the devil would say, "but this is the scripture you're going to use to convince my enemy's servants that ladies can wear artificial hair."" “Teach women how to clean their makeup by praying over it.”

“This is what the Bible says against jewelry, but you'll use it to persuade my adversary's servant that wearing jewelry is acceptable.” “This is what the Bible says about adornment, but you're going to use it to persuade your servant that cosmetics and decoration aren't as evil as they seem.” The devil teaches Bible classes and analyzes the Bible underwater, but he never mentions Jesus' name. According to the devil, praying and cleansing wigs and jewels underwater will purify them. It is impossible to clean the goods made underneath the water in the real world. These objects cannot be dedicated to God since they are dedicated to the devil.

When the Assembly of God arrived in this country, they were chaste and resisted beautification. They were eventually corrupted by pastors from the sea, who forced them to wear makeup. Demons have total authority over one of their theological institutions, which he was aware of. He recalls an instance in which a Satanic light angel presided over God's Assembly. He went on "We were about to dispatch servants to the Gods' Assembly. Thousands of God's Assembly souls are enslaved beneath the sea. They have been enslaved and are pleading for assistance. They are, nevertheless, still living on the planet."

If you join a marine kingdom pastor's church, your soul is imprisoned underwater. We anticipated the pastors to join a functional church, serve alongside the pastor, and win the congregation's trust when they were deployed. Finally, they were to persuade these people to join them in their rebellion against the leader, dividing the church into two parts. While submerged, we were training men and women to marry pastors. Intercessors, singers, and preachers, for example, were dispatched to God's children who struggle against and hurt Satan's realm. To subscribe to my page, please click the + Follow button. Additionally, aid in the spread of the article.

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