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Don't Give Up On The Word And The Promises. Hold On

I have rarely known or felt any real love except the source, Jehovah when I stay connected and try to do his will all the time. I have always love Jehovah and things of Jehovah, Somehow even when I was not right with him I always felt his presence in my life

One of the hardest parts of remaining true to Jehovah is avoiding the counsel of man to stay true to the word of Jehovah at all times. It's easier to follow and believe what man says than staying true to the word of Jehovah sometimes. For example, when you visit a doctor who examines your body and tells you you are going to die anytime soon, you will believe what the doctor says instead of holding on to Jehovah’s promises which say we are healed

I do not know what you are going through or what you are hearing. I do not know whose words you are clinging to in your situation or difficult moments but I can assure you that God’s words and promises are true and real. It works if you believe and holds on to it. Jehovah’s word is so powerful that it works even in death. This means that whatever you decree or declare shall come to pass even in your death

Do not be scared of how big or small your adversary is. Your adversary is as big or small as you want him or her to be. You have the power and authority in your mouth to control everything. So hold on to the word and be strong till the end.Crawl if you have to.Run if you have to.Walk if you have to but whatever you do,do not give up

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