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Latest video shows Nana Agradaa stopped her pastor from burning 3 of her powerful gods

- Nana Agradaa drove ministers to annihilate the icons in her place of worship on Thursday, April 29, 2021

- But not every one of the icons were scorched as she requested that three from the deititesies be left for

- In a video, Agradaa has expianed that those divinities were not for her and should be gotten back to the first onwers

Previous interest priestess Nana Agradaa drove ministers to consume gods at her Sowutuom home in Accra on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

As recently detailed by things including wood carvings, stools, and other fixation formal attire were brought out and set ablaze.

The activity was driven by Pastor Joseph Kwadwo Kyere of the Truthful Word Ministry who is supposed to be the profound dad of Agradaa.

However, it has turned out that not every one of the divinities found in the sanctum of the dubious priestess turned evangelist were annihilated.

There is a distinction among contrition and recharging of brain - Diana Asamoah to Agradaa

As indicated by a report has located on before Pastor Kyere set the divinities and other interest things were set ablaze, some of them were eliminated. Whitle some of he eliminated things were taken to the boot of a vehicle left close by, others where reclaimed into the altar.

The things removed from the part to be scorched were accounted for to incorporate three of gods containing one gold shaded stool and two wooden carvings, one of which had a fake human looking like face and hair.

In a video which has been located by on the Thunder TV YouTube page, of Agradaa, she has clarified why the tlhree deiities and different things were taken out.

As per her, those divinities were not initially obtained by her however were acquired from other obsession clerics the nation over.

Since they divinities were not for her, it was just proper that returned them and hence couldn't have permitted them to be scorched.

Video springs up as apologized Nana Agradaa gets immersed in a pool

Agradaa's apology

Agradaa, quite possibly the most questionable mystics in the country in the previous few years, declared on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, that she had changed over to Christianity.

At a question and answer session, Agradaa clarified that she had discovered Christ and was not any more going to be an obsession priestess.

She in this manner repudiated her name Nana Agradaa and proposed that she ought to be called Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng.

Agradaa sanctified through water in pool

While many idea Agradaa had recently apologized inside the week, it turns out the interest changed over to Christianity very nearly one month prior.

As indicated by Pastor Kyere, Agradaa who is referred to in private life as Patricia Asieduaa was gotten through Christian advising and was ultimately absolved on March 29, 2021.

A video that surfaced online after the annihilation of Agradaa's objects of worship show she was submersed in a pool by Pastor Kyere with the assistance of her better half, Eric Oduro Kornateng.

Kwaku Bonsam not content with Agradaa's change to Christianity; issues notice in new video

In the interim, incidentally, a youthful prophet, Telvin Sowah Adjei, anticipated Agradaa's apology in 2020.

Sowah's forecast from around four months prior has reemerged via online media after Agradaa made her declaration.


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