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Give Us This Day Our Dumsor Timetable; Ghanaian Remixes The Lord's Prayer To Fit Current Problems.

Recently, Ghanaians have shown a different level of patriotism which needs to be applauded. They use their talents to speak out the problems they are facing. Today in history, a Ghanaian made a remix of the Lord's prayer. This has caused a massive stir online. See the prayer.

The person made mention of certain important things that require national dialogue.

1.Incompetence of the current administration

2.Power Fluctuation; Dumsor

3.Illegal Mining done in the Ashanti region

4.Security problems

5.Double track education system




There has been many attempts by Ghanaians to voice out the current hardship they are facing. They begun with a trend on Twitter; #fixthecountry. This trended as most celebrities joined in this campaign to add to the voice of the normal Ghanaian citizens. In reaction to this, certain individuals who have all been identified as members of the ruling party supported the new trend, #fixyourattitude. This was not the response Ghanaians were expecting. This informed their decision to demonstrate on the streets of Accra.

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