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VIDEO: Pastor Installed Camera In Church And Caught His Accountant Doing This To The Church Offering

We are in a world where one trust at his or her own peril. The one you trust and think cannot do you any harm might be the one who is actually harming you. Again, the level of dishonesty among friends and known ones have risen to a level where no one can be trusted.

There is a viral video which is circulating on social media. This video seeks to expose what a woman who is a very trusted accountant to a pastor doing his offering after church. According to the sharer of the video, this pastor has been experiencing a very low amount of money anytime the offertory is counted by her accountant. This made him suspicious as he installed a camera in the church. This camera caught his accountant picking some of the money and hiding it in her brassiere.This particular video has ignited a lot of comments from a lot of people.

Let's see some reactions from people;

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