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Those who make baseless claims about the existence of Jesus Christ should read this.

It surprising when I see educated people make all sorts of baseless claims about the existence of Jesus Christ: A Mythical Character. 

Now, this is Common Sense.

When you read the gospels, Roman Emperors like: Ceazar Augustus, Pontius Pilate, Herod were mentioned, are they all mythical characters too? If your answer is Yes we are not done yet. 

Google is free, just go there and type "achiological evidence of the existence of Pontius Pilate" or any of the above names mentioned. 

If there is any evidence about the existence of the above mentioned names then the probability Jesus existed is about 60/40. 

Don't take what I have written as FACTS, go to Google, you don't need passwords or credit cards to access it, do a proper research to find out the truth for yourself. 

All those people who come on social media to make such claims are all liars. Do you know why? Their heart is different from the claims they make. 

People want to live by their own judgements, they don't want to follow any values, tenets, they want the easy way out. Like some of the things they say: "Jesus never existed", " There is no Creator", "Religion is a scam", "All scriptures were written to control the mind of people" and many others. 

Think about this 👇🏿

You are not different from ANIMALS if all you do is: EAT, SLEEP, WORK and HAVE SEX, there's more to life than this.

Jesus never existed? Continue living in oblivion. 🤝

Enjoy your holidays.

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