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29-Year-Old Pastor That Risks His Life To Preach The Gospel In Pakistan

29-Year-Old Pastor That Risks His Life To Preach The Gospel In Pakistan

Pastor Alberto Mvila is a European-based pastor that founded the Belgium is Saved Mission. He took his mission to Lahore Pakistan where he is said to have converted over 16,000 people to Christianity. 

A 29-year-old preacher, Alberto Mvila has done the inevitable after risking his life to preach about Jesus Christ in Pakistan, a Muslim dominated country.

As at 2017, religion in Pakistan is: Islam (96.47%), Hinduism (2.14%), Christianity (1.27%), Ahmadiyya (0.09%), Others (0.03%).

Speaking in opposition to Islam and publishing an attack on Islam or its prophets are prohibited. Pakistan's penal code mandates the death penalty or life in prison for anyone defiling the name of Muhammad.

Mvila would passionately say

“Let people call you crazy, as long as you make SOULS your number one goal and you keep on doing what God is telling you to do while you have favor with God. I promise you, God will give you favor before men and He will open doors you didn’t even knock on!

Several hundred Christians, along with Muslims themselves (though much fewer in comparison), have been prosecuted under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, and death sentences have been handed out to at least a dozen. Pakistani law mandates that any "blasphemies" of the Quran are to be met with punishment.

Religious discrimination in Pakistan is a serious issue for the human rights situation in modern-day Pakistan. Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Shias and Ahmadis among other religious minorities often face discrimination and at times are even subjected to violence.

The portrayal of Muslim extremists who do not accept any other religion is also in their minds. But there's a young pastor in Pakistan who's ready to risk everything to make the people believe in him.

It starts to wonder what the drive really is, that he is in a world governed by Muslims and a lot of civil unrest. He has to walk around with security men to secure him as he goes through his mission.

He is a man of God, walking through a warrior country to capture the souls of Christ. You see, like Pastor Mvila in Pakistan, Adeboye and Oyedepo and others on their way to Maiduguri to win souls to Christ?

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