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Sickness Is Not From God

1JOHN 1: 5 

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. (ESV)

Ignorance of God’s word breeds superstition in believers. Anything they cannot explain is assigned supernatural reasons. Ignorance of God’s character will also attribute many things to God. There are times too Satan or the devil has been accused of things which men were directly responsible. Some of the things people have attributed to God are sickness, misfortunes and death. Most of the people of the Old Testament also had similar ignorance where evil was attributed to God. Sickness, death and all human misfortune are not God's creation. God is full of goodness and there is no evil or darkness in him. Any death, sickness or misfortune attributed to God by the Old Testament Prophets were inaccurate of the true nature of God.

Jesus came as the true presentation of God to correct any evil attributed to God. God can only be known accurately in Christ. You will be in error if you depend on the words and testimony of the Old Testament folks to know the character of God. God’s love and his goodness are known in Christ. It is, therefore, wrong to pray for the death of anybody and also wrong to assume somebody who is sick as God punishing the person or training the person. God does not use evil such as sickness and misfortune to train his children. Sickness, death and misfortunes are as a result of man's activities or the devil at work. 

Since sickness, death and misfortunes are not from God, we should not tolerate it when they come. We must exercise authority over them. It is said that faith begins when the will or character of God is known. As long as you are not sure of what is from God, Satan or men, you cannot exercise much authority over circumstances. Sicknesses, death, misfortune and all forms of evil are not from God. We must therefore exercise our authority anytime we see them. Whoever we see sick or in any misfortune, whether a believer or an unbeliever, we must know that it is not of God and for that matter we must exercise authority over it. 

CONFESSION: I refuse to tolerate sicknesses, death and misfortune in my life because they are not of God

Additional Studies

James 1: 16- 17, 

Luke 9: 51- 56, 

Acts 10:

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