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Any relationship that brings you closer to God is good for you; through such an association, you pray more, you learn the word of God more and you do the things of God more. Now, I’m not just referring to a numerical increase in the activities you’re engaged in but also your ability to do them better; this is the right kind of relationship. The right friends don’t just help by their advice, as they may not even know better than you do. The fact is, your relationship with them causes you all to gather around the word.

Any time we try to move forward, thoughts will come telling us what we can’t do, how it’s not going to work out, how the problem is too big. We know what God promised, we believe in our heart, but all these doubts start to bombard our mind. The scripture says, “The enemy goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Our enemy loves to roar—not out loud, but in our thoughts. He uses intimidation, fear, and doubt to paralyze us. Thoughts like, “You’ll never get well; you saw the medical report. You’ll never break the addiction; everyone in your family struggles. You can’t accomplish that dream; you don’t have the talent.” How you handle the roar will determine whether or not you reach your destiny.

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