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These are some of the serious commandments that Lucifer give to his followers -- Confession

This is Mr. Lukuntu's story, a former occultist whose testimony will reveal the devil's secrets. Jesus-is-Coming is the name of my Facebook page. So, if you're a Christian, please click the + Follow button above to subscribe to his page for more writings that will enlighten people.

Mr. Lukuntu described his trip to India, where he met Lucifer's prime minister. You should be aware that Lucifer rules over the entire universe. When they were still Lucifer's agents, he taught them that only Christians are free from his influence, and that they make up only 25% of humanity.

He also told them that he owns the remaining 75% of the people, while the King of the Christians owns only 25%. The devil never speaks Jesus' name. He only refers to Jesus as "The King of Christians" when asked about him.

Because the name of Jesus is a bomb in Lucifer's universe, and this is one of the reasons he decided to break away from him. He thought Lucifer's power was unrivaled, and it wasn't until he realized the power of Jesus' name that he began to doubt all Lucifer taught him.

He also instructed them that they needed to work hard in churches and that they needed to do everything they could to put Christians to sleep spiritually. And to that end, he devised a seven-point action plan that they had to use:

1. Fight or deny the Holy Spirit's manifestation,

2. Do everything in their power to bolster the evil's power,

3. Make every attempt to bring homosexuality to the world's attention on a horizontal and vertical scale.

4. Do everything they can to pervert the Bible's meaning

5. Have an impact on the business world

6. Do everything they can to get rid of the everyday sacrifices and offerings.

7. Make a concerted effort to bring competition and fashion into the church.

"Christians got powerful because of their firm faith in this Man," Lucifer explained; "therefore they must do everything they can to undermine their faith, because once their faith is weak, they cannot please their God."

The former satanist spoke about how God provides His children with His own weapons, the spiritual weapons when they are indeed God's children and have a healthy relationship or complete communion with Him. They can use these weapons to go down into Satan's world, overthrow Lucifer's prisons, and collect all Lucifer has concealed there.

However, in order to conduct effective spiritual combat, they must discard all carnal weapons. Some individuals like insulting witches in order to defeat them. Witches will be scared of you not because of insults, not because of your social rank; witches will be afraid of you only if you put down all carnal weapons and pick up the spiritual weapons that the Holy Spirit provides.

Subscribe to this page to keep up with the story. This is only the beginning of the terror this monster has inflicted on the globe, particularly Christians. Please forward this message to others so that they can read it as well. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments box, and I will answer to each one.

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