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Lot's Wife's Pillar Of Salt Is Still Standing Till Today, At Mount Sodom: See Photos

The narrative of Lot's Spouse is one of the christian bible most intriguing and yet tragic tales. Its something that teaches all Churches a valuable moral lesson: do not let the worries of all this world cause us to lose our existence or our redemption.

When God decided to kill Sodom and Gomorrah, he sent out an messenger (angel) to carry Lot and his relatives out since they're the only ones worth preserving.

The angel hurriedly escorted Lot, his spouse, and their 2 daughters from their home and directed them to a mountain.

He ordered them to run to the hills and that they could not turn around. Thus, they moved on, but the spouse of Lot turned back and out concern and nostalgia for everything they had back at Sodom.

The amazing part is that the pillar of salt she grew into stills standing visible today. The history of Lot's wife has been passed on from generation after this day, and the position of the pillar of salt isn't lost.

Folks who make pilgrimages have reported to seeing and even taking small bits of the pillar of lot's spouse.

Scientists and Bible researchers have both agreed that the Bible's reference to Lot's wife is correct. Here are a few examples of the photos:

The salt column has evidently been distorted as a result of environmental and other influences.

However, a closer to look at it is the form of a delicate woman, such as a lady. So it's probable that it is indeed her, as mentioned.

When Christ returns, the tale of Lot's wife will serve as a cautionary tale to Christians. She refused to obey a simple command and was immediately hit.

Since we never tell when God's wrath will strike, we shouldn't take his majesty for nothing as she did.

God bless us all.

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