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Prophet Nigel Gaisie Is Just 37years And He Is Already Going Bald. He Reveals Why

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is undoubtedly a fast rising Prophet of God. Many have easily associated him with been in his early 40's, as already, he has become a toast for top politicians, celebrities, bloggers and is also fast becoming a household name.

Most recently, he started and finished his mega church building in a year, making him one of few pastors to achieve such a laudable feat, especially in a country where it takes years for many churches to either reach the lintel of the building, not to mention roofing it. Again, he has started a Tema branch and by far, the few months old church is doing well. If you are aware of churches that are over 20years boasting of 20 members where half are unserious, you will agree with this point.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is also one fine gentleman, endowed with handsomeness, except that, if you have also seen him minister on his fast growing social media pages, which is followed by thousands or have ever visited his church, one sure awkward fact is that, his hair is vanishing, making him bald.

For all the hysteria surrounding baldness, we have a long history of getting it wrong. Aristotle thought it was caused by sex. In ancient Roman times, an epidemic of smooth scalps in the military was blamed on the heavy metal helmets worn by soldiers. Later theories included “dryness of the brain” – which was thought to pull the head away from the hair by making the brain shrink – air pollution or, ironically, the wrong haircut.

Back in 1897, a wave of panic rippled across the globe after a French dermatologist announced he had discovered the true culprit: a microbe. Barbers and medical journals leapt to action, announcing that combs should be boiled regularly and under no circumstances should members of bald families use any combs or brushes other than their own.

We now know that baldness is caused by a potent break-down product of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In the womb, the hormone plays an important role in the development of male genitalia. In susceptible adults, it makes hair follicles shrink. As DHT works its magic the long, so-called “terminal” hairs on a man’s head are transformed into short, soft “vellus” hairs like those on the heads of babies.

Many have however wondered how this is happening to just 37years Prophet Nigel Gaisie, but have been clueless, but thanks to the death of T. B Joshua, he has unveiled the reasoning behind this sudden loss of his hair.

In a viral video, he shared that, he knows why he is growing bald, attributing it to the pressures and accusations many Ghanaian's put on him. He was emphatic, "I am just 37years old, and already my hair is going bald, thanks to difficulty of this work and the attacks of many, whom I have been a blessing to notwithstanding."

In the same viral video, he also predicted that, God has showed him when he will also die, as he paid a touching tribute to the memory of Prophet T. B Joshua, who he simply described as a great man and God's gift to Africa. He believed that, if the people on the continent celebrated him and his ministry, instead of calling him fake and false, he may have lived longer.

He also cited that, it is for same reasons why he may soon die soon, as many people have refused to celebrate him also, but rather are killing him with unfair criticism and judgmental opinions, that affect their anointed ministries. In a video that has since gone viral online, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, said he was just 37years old, but according to him, he is looking older than that, because of the pressure and nature of the work of ministry, which s tedious.

He also bashed back on the unnecessary pressure, stress and abuse they go through daily, especially in the hands of media organizations and even people, who have been blessed by anointed men of God.

”…… if not for the advice some of you give, I would have left Ghana. We come as a gift to our generation and you use your evil mouth to stop us. That is why I cry in the church. I know why I’m crying because I know when God will take me away and it will not be long. I will go; I’m telling you. No, I know when God has told me. That is why, when I am prophesying, I’m under worship; I cry because God has told me. He said he will take me away very soon because of how you, people, are handling us,” he said.

Prophet Nigel added that, ”Who will pray for me when I need prayers? Who will speak pleasant things to me . . . you know you don’t know the bullets . . . we don’t sleep,” he exclaimed. In the video seen here at, I will soon die after T.B Joshua, Prophet Nigel Gaisie lament. - YouTube, he shared how God had revealed to him, of his own soon coming death, as he has already done most of his purpose on earth, the reason for his tears during worship in his services.

He cited how literally all people he has been a blessing to, were silent on his birthday. when he said, "many have received healings, blessings and increase under his ministry, such persons should have at least consider celebrating him on his birthday, but none did," he complained, in his address to the church members.

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