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I saw my boyfriend and relatives in Hell - Testimony by sis Vic

This testimony is by sister Victoria Nehale from Namibia who has taken to Heaven or Hell not less than 30 times. This is the link to her story:

She began by narrating how she first saw people in Hell. She recounted that the people in Hell were innumerable even though she could see that the vast majority of them were women.

They were divided into many different groups. Even though they were in the groups, it was not possible to estimate the number of people in any single group because the groups were extremely large.

Then, Jesus led her to one of the groups on the eastern side of the place. He looked at her and said "Victoria, this is a group of people who refused to forgive others. I told them many times in many different ways to forgive others but they rejected me.”

He continued “I have forgiven them all their sins but they refused to forgive others. Their time ran out and found themselves here in Hell. They will be here for all eternity for they are eating the fruits of their labor forever and ever."

However, it is painful for Jesus to see them in that horrible place and in such eternal situation because He said He still loves them.

Then, she was led to the next group but in that group, Jesus narrated to her that the people in that particular group were those who had debts that they never settled on earth. 

She realized that there were three different categories in that group. The first category was of people who owed to others: they could afford to pay their dues but they kept postponing and procrastinating.

They would claim that they would pay tomorrow, next week, next year, until the time ran out for them and now they had found themselves in this place. Jesus indicated that that is where they will stay forever, for they are eating the fruits of their labour.

The second category was of those who had debts that they could afford to pay back and they were willing to pay their debts.

But they were afraid of the consequences because, perhaps, if they told the truth they might suffer rejection or they might go to jail or what they had done would be made known to the whole world and they would be humiliated. 

Jesus said: "None of them came to me to ask me for a way. If they had done so, I would have shown them the easy way out. They used their own wisdom and reasoning which did not help them in any way.

Their time ran out and they found themselves in this place where they will be forever. They are eating the fruit of their labor."

Then Jesus said: "The third category had debts which they could not afford to pay back, but, again, none of them had told me that they had debts they were unable to pay.

If they had done so, I would have paid their debts. They also tried to use their own reasoning and wisdom, which did not help them in any way.

Now they have found themselves in this place where they will always be. They are eating the fruit of their labor. My heart is aching for all these people because I love them dearly."

She explained that in the first group, she saw two of her very close female relatives as well as a twelve year-old relative of mine in Hell. She knew she was twelve years old because that was how old she was at the time of her death. 

It was in this same second group that she also saw some of her relatives as well as a Pastor whom she knew very well.

Her boyfriend, known as Jakes, who also committed suicide when she gave her life to Christ, was also found in the second group. She saw some of my neighbors in both groups as well.

She stated “I recognized the people I knew before their deaths; they also recognized me. My relatives were very angry when they saw me and they started to shout obscenities at me; they were using the most vulgar language as they were cursing me.”

“One of them said that I was not worthy of following Jesus; they were saying the things I used to do before I gave my life to Christ. They were not lying though because the things of which they were accusing me were the truth.”

“Jakes was saying that I belonged to him and I should go where he was because I had committed the same sins as he.

At first, the Pastor seemed happy to see me and he said I did well by coming but his attitude changed immediately when he saw who was accompanying me. He then joined in the cursing and the use of obscene language. “

Jesus told her to ignore them because they did not know what they were doing. She was petrified and extremely sad.

Her body was shaking as she began to cry uncontrollably. Then, Jesus said unto her "Victoria, I have revealed these things unto you. Now, you must choose in which of the groups you want to be, for the choice is in your own hands.

You must tell the people on earth everything you have seen and experienced but do not add or omit anything."

Dear reader, just as Jesus told Victoria, He has the same thing to tell you today: “you must choose in which of the groups you want to be, for the choice is in your own hands."

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