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The Most Painful and Dangerous Traditional Practises That is Still in An Existence

In fact a lot of unknown and strange things happen each and everyday due to different dynamics of culture and belief in different places around the world. Just as the topic says about this article, these stories are factual and do happen in a places called Thailand and Japan.

The most horrifying and dangerous one among them all is cheek piercing. Cheek piercing is a practise done among some of the natives of Thailand. Cheek piercing at the Phuket vegetarian festival is counted one of the most painful culture which is still in an existence. This festival is done with the absence from meat-based products, during the ninth month of the Chinese calendar. They believe that once the practice is done they obtain good health and peace of mind. They also belief that since they are possessed they will not feel the pain of piercing in their cheek with their Serrated Metal Bars.

2. Walking in fire is popularly known by the Japanese as " Hiwatari Shinji". This festival is practice around the Japanese Shinto Buddhist. It is celebrated in Akibasan Entsu-Ji shrine on the second Sunday of December every year. It is belief that this ritual provides a spiritual cleaning and psychological clarity from their gods. To them the first person to commence this dangerous act is their priest fellowed by his fellow participates.  

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