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The River That Gives Everybody Who Passes There Sickness: Illuminati Girl Reveals

One Illuminati Girl who is now saved and back to the side of our Lord Jesus Christ reveals that there is one River in Ghana that gives everyone sickness whenever ever you go and pass there.

She continued to say the River has been there for a very long time before me and you were born. So the kind of questions a lot were asking is imagine a river as old as this and what it does to people who crosses there so imagine the kind of people who are suffering from the 9f this River.

Ghana has a lot of Rivers like the Boti falls which is popularly used as a tourist attraction, the weija river which is also used for fishing and a lot of Rivers used as tourist attraction and for fishing.

The saved Illuminati Girl now said this River is located in weija and this River is called "Ber3k3s3" River and it is located in Nungua. And said this River has given a lot of sickness to people.

A pastor also revealed that the river came to him to warn him and also told him "She" because the spirit in the River is a Goddess is coming to the earth. That really brings as to the real meaning of Nungua, Nun means "River and the " Gua" means Woman.

So he is telling everybody to be very prayer full when ever you go to pass there and also know that there are a lot of spirits living within us.

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