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Our Protector is God. So He assured us that whatever evil that is sent against us shall not get us.

Beloved of God. Here comes another great news from God to you. I don't know where and what do you seek protection from. Some may claim to be selling certain things to you in the market and along the street and they call it protection oil, or protection whatever. And if you went for such things by wasting the money that God give you strength to work and gain over it, you will notice that nothing happens.

Therefore is no protection in man made anything. God our creator is the Best Watchman and Protector over our lives. Now therefore, refuse to be mislead by everything that claims to be protecting you if is not by the Power of the Holy Spirit and in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Psalm 91 verse 7. Is our witness that God is the only one and the real protector for us. If you read also in the Word of God According to the Bible in the Book of Zechariah chapter 2 verse 5. Says, that God protects us as the mountains surrounding Jerusalem. Even psalm 3 verse 3. Proof that God is our Best option for Total Peace and Protection and everything that we need. If you still doesn't believe, then read the Bible in Book of of Job chapter 1 verse 10. And you will hear that even satan itself, of whom some of you claim to seek protection from, has realized that it has nothing for anybody. Therefore, it asked God that God is the one who protects us. That's why every evil that lucifer sends against us doesn't ever get to us. If you are still not satisfied with all these proofs that your life is in the hands of God your creator, then what else do you want? My Lord Jesus Christ said it boldly in His Words According to the Bible in the Book of John chapter 10 and the verse 10. That satan comes not. But it comes only to steal, killed and to destroy you. But Our Lord Jesus Christ Come to save us. Not only that, but He Protects us from the evil programs of satan. SO don't leave your life down for satan to steal, kill and destroy you by deceiving you that it is protecting or doing anything for you. Let it alone in the fire that God has prepared awaiting it end. Bless you.

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