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God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son: Are they one in personality or two different persons?

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God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac who created the whole universe is one. How could God be divided into God the Son, and God the Father? The Spirit of God that was moving over the waters at creation is still part of Him because He is a Spirit.

Who separated God into God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son? It is the word of God Himself that has created a roadmap for the salvation of man leading to that division.

The book of Isaiah chapter 9 prophesized about a Son of God that was to be born in ages to come. This Son was to be called the everlasting God, wonderful counsellor, the prince of peace etc bearing the real image of the Father who created the heaven and earth.

After several years back, this prophecy was fulfilled in the book of Luke chapter one. An angel of God named Gabriel was sent to deliver the fulfilment of Isaiah prophecy to virgin Mary who was bethrothed to Joseph.

One key content of angel Gabriel message was that the Spirit of God Himself was going to birth the Son from a virgin who will never sleep with a man before giving birth to the Son. Truly, a Son was born out of a virgin Mary and his name was called Jesus. What this means is that, the Spirit of God has produced a mortal man in a manner different from the normal procreation. Jesus was not born out of sexual intimacy between Joseph and Mary. Lets remember that Adam was also born out of the same Spirit of God and not of any sexual encounter with any woman but Adam could not fully obey God in the Garden of Eden.

When Jesus was born, God sent several angels to testify to some people shepherding their flocks in the land of Israel that the Son of God has been born to save His people from their fallen state.

When Jesus grew up God further testified on the mountain of transfiguration saying " this is my beloved Son in Whom i am well pleased, so listen to him" .

One day, Jesus clearly told his disciples that, " he and his Father are one" . What Jesus meant was that, he was born out of the Spirit of God and not of a man thereby possessing the attributes and the real image of the Father. Jesus was born out of the spirit of God. If God is a Spirit, then Jesus is a Son of God in mortal flesh and Spirit at the same time. This made Jesus different from every person born on Earth.

The plan of God through the Jesus Christ the Son is to save humanity from their fallen state and to bring them back to the Father. Jesus finished this assignment perfectly and the Jews killed him.

But God the Father proved them wrong by raising the Son back to life on the third day and took him to heaven after forty (40) days to sit on the Father's right Hand side.

Before Jesus was ascended to Heaven, something happened. God gave Jesus Christ the Son a supernatural upliftment. All spiritual authority on Earth and in heaven were given to him. At the mention of his name, all knees must bow on earth and in heaven in the spiritual realm. Spiritually, the name that controls the universe is Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ isn't God's son, why would God the Father give him such powerful upliftment?

All the followers of Jesus Christ who have died will also be resurrected as Jesus and live forever with the Father in Heaven.

When Jesus finishes saving all the souls that God the Father has entrusted into his hands, he will hand over everything back to God the Father.


Jesus Christ the Son of God is a different person from God the Father but comes from the Spirit of God and not from the loins of men. Jesus Christ is the way to God the Father. It is the Spirit of God the Father that birthed Jesus from a virgin. This makes Jesus a supernatural being different from all humanity. Jesus Christ is on salvation assignment for God the Father. When he finishes everything and takes the saved back to God and destroys all principalities, he will hand over everything to the Father in Heaven.

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