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KiDi Will Go Mad Soon - Prophet

Remember how IGP Dampare urged religious leaders who enjoy making terrifying prophecies about our celebrities to stop doing so in December of last year because it spreads unjustified fear and worry?

Famous pastors who frequently made ominous forecasts have all taken heed of IGP Dampare's admonition.

However, a young aspiring prophet going by the name of Senior-Doctor has proven stubborn and spread fear and panic online with his gloomy prediction regarding KiDi.

Prophet Senior Doctor claimed in a brief video that KiDi will go mad very soon.

Senior Doctor went in depth, stating that the artist will have a mental episode while performing for large crowds during a concert.

After losing control on stage, he will strip off in front of the audience so that everyone can see his manhood.

Senior Doctor, who is plainly trying to get attention, claims that KiDi's impending insanity is caused by the fact that he has wronged the nation and will pay terribly for his transgressions.

Senior Doctor swore to God that he would be judged if the prophecy did not come to pass.

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