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Top 10 Richest Pastors In Africa In 2020 And Their Net Worth - Where Ghanian Pastors Are Rank

God blesses those who help his words touch more people and who can enjoy comfortable lifestyles. These are the wealthiest pastors and how they live their lives in the best possible way in Africa.

Since religion is deeply rooted in Africa , in particular Christianity, many African shepherds emerge, each competing with the other in order to be heard. has compiled a complete list of Africa's 10 richest pastors, including pictures of their cars and luxury items. Check out their own pictures of the cars.

1. Net worth 1Billlion dollars-Alpha Lukau

He is the founder and pastor of the International Alleluia Ministries, which he founded in 2002, in South Africa. He had been born on the 25th of October 1974. The controversial priest is reported to be Africa 's richest pastor with an estimated net value of $1 billion.

Pastor Alph Lukau claims that he can cure any kind of illness and distress. He had allegedly raised the dead at some point, which sparked a lot of disputes.

Given all the mess with the media its ministry has brought together hundreds of thousands of adherents, particularly of Africa and Europe, from around the world. The Church extends branches throughout Europe, including in Southern Africa, Congo, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, and DR Congo.

2. David Oyedepo-$ 150 million in net value

The founder and leader of the Living Faith Church, which popularly became the Winners' Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, was born on September 27, 1954.

The ardent Nigerian preacher was born to his father, a Muslim leader, and his Christian mother, into an interfaith family. But David was raised by his grandmother of Christ, who introduced him to the ministry through an early morning appeal to pray.

The Church of Living Faith now operates in every state in Nigeria and more than 300 towns worldwide including the USA, the United Kingdom and Dubai. Msgr. David Oyedepo was also the founder and chancellor of two of Nigeria's world class universities-the Covenant University and the University of Landmark.

Currently Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is worth 150 million dollars and is Nigeria 's richest pastor and one of Africa 's riches.

As a church Living Faith has 4 private jets, approximately 30 SUVs and a Rolls Reyce. Oyedepo actually says God swore to make him rich because he gave up his car many years ago for ministry work.

3. Shepherd Bushiri-150 million dollars in total

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a prophet of Malawi who organises the Christian Gathering of Enlightened People (ECG), based in South Africa.

One notable aspect about him is he's the youngest on Africa 's list of most successful pastors. Among his supporters and followers, he is popularly called the "Great One." On February 20, 1983 the shepherd was born into a Northern Malawi Christian family.

According to the prophet, when he was ten years old he had a spiritual meeting and urged him to preach repentance. In this regard, he decided to devote his life to God's life of service.

The controversial preacher, which is estimated at $150 million, is one of Africa's pastors. At one time he claimed that he was able to walk on the air and captured the angels on his camera.

4. Net $120 million dollars-Bishop Ayo Ortiseja

Head of Word of Life and the founding of the Bible Church in Warri, Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor has the headquarters. Papa Oritseja has an estimated net value of $120 million, as he is popularly called. Investments for real estate, banking and transit are numerous in the former president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and the Church Association ofNigeria (CAN).

The Prayer was born into a firm Christ Apostolic Church family in Lagos State. Born again in 1972. For the sake of his success in life and ministry always, Oritseja said that he had seen himself in the vestige of a thousand of crowd.

He also says that he heard a voice saying: "Take my word into the universe." In 1980 Oritseja began hosting a television show, and he created the World of Life Bible Church (WLBC) in 1987.

In line with its busy schedule, for the celebration of its 40-year anniversary, the church acquired a 10-seater Bombardier Challenger private jet. The jet has an estimated value of $22,000,000.

5. Pastor E.A Adeboye-65 million dollars in net

Pastor E.A Adeboye is estimated to worth $65 million, a mathematician turned preacher. The soft spoken priest was born in Ifewara, Osun, on March 2, 1942. After a civil war in Nigeria, he began his Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka before continuing his studies at the University of Lagos. He graduated in 1967 and married his wife, Folake, that same year.

Adeboye joined the local Redeem Christian Church of God where in 1973 he became a church interpreter and, before becoming one of the richest of all the pastors of Nigeria, Adeboye was appointed leader of the Redem Christian Church of God in the year 1981.

RCCG has spread to some 200 nations around the world under the leadership of Pastor E.A Adeboye, with about 20,000 branches in Nigeria. The seven-again man of God says that part of the mission as a man of God is to plant a church within a period of five minutes for every person on earth.

No wonder Pastor Adeboye is one of Africa's top wealthiest shepherds. Pastor Adeboye is a humble owner of a N707EA tail number Gulfstream IV, and an approximate cost estimate of around $65 million for a later G550 Luxury Jet.

Pastor E.A Adeboye also owns some very exotic vehicles in addition to a few private jets to go. He has been seen in a Rolls-Royce phantom that is estimated to cost approximately $400,000, costing $80,000 to a Range Landrover.

6. Uebert Angel-60 million dollars net worth

Uebert Angel, founder and senior pastor of the formerly Spirit Embassy Good News, has an estimated net worth $50million. He has his headquarters in the UK. In 2007, he founded the church and is one of Africa 's richest pastors.

He holds a postgraduated degree in education from Boston University in the UK. Uebert Angel was born on 6 September 1978 in Masvingo, Zimbabwe but later moved in life to the UK. He has a degree in finances from Salford University, UK, and a degree in teaching.

Uebert Angel loves styling. AccOn its car fleet it has around 47 cars and helicopters to preach the Gospel, according to reports.

Lamborghini, Black Badge Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes coupe, SL 500 Mercedes-Benz, Audi Q7 and Spyder F3 CANAM estimated at about $25,000 are in the pastor's fleet.

Uebert Angel owned a mansion in Great Britain that costs about two million dollars and is presently worth four million dollars following renovations. The house has a garden on fourteen hectares and three lakes with costly schools of fish for thousands of dollars.

7. Net worth of $50 Million-Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1963 and was a prominent Nigerian preacher and healer. He founded his department, Love International Incorporated, popularly known as a graduate Christ Embassy.

In almost every continent of the world today, Love World has hundreds of thousands of members and followers. The well spoken preacher also manages a healing school in Africa that is second to none.

Pastor Chris has approximately 30 SUVs, including Range Rovers, in his fleet. Pastor Chris also owns his exotic flood of luxurious cars.

8. Net value for $28 million from Pastor Ray McCauley

Pastor Ray McCauley is estimated to be worth $28 million, as the founder and leader of the Rhema Bible Church. After his ministry training, he founded the church in 1979 with its headquarters in South Africa. Today , a number of followers from across South Africa and beyond have gathered here.

Previously Pastor Ray McCauley was married to Lydie McCauley's ex-wife until she started a divorce process to end her marital status back in 2000. In 2001, McCauley married Zelda Ireland, his second wife, from whom he also separated in 2010. McCauley and, however macauley and Ireland joined together in 2013.

Unfortunately, it's not a guy to show Pastor Ray McCauley his cars and his buildings. His cars or houses are rarely pictured but we can assure you that he is a fantastic pastor.

9. Prophet TB Joshua-25 million dollars in net value

T.B. Joshua is the founder and leader of the All Nations Synagogue Church that he established in the year 1987. On June 12, 1963 was born the man of God himself. Today, the Church of All Nations Synagogue, popularly known as SCOAN, is being extended into more nations such as Ghana, the UK, Israel and Greece.

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua comes with shocking testimonies of achievements, health, and deliverance. The devoted shepherd is also very philanthropic. Annually, he contributes millions of dollars to education , health care and disadvantaged communities worldwide.

The Emmanuel TV broadcast to Africa, which includes several areas in Asia , Europe, America and other continents across the world. It retains its vast network. The prophet has a $60 million private jet and a modest fleet of luxury cars including Mercedes Benz and Range Rover.

10 million dollars net-Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo

The founding and reigning man of the Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC), based in Kent, London is Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, born March 17, 1952. A Muslim practising in his teenage years before he turned to Christianity, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo was 20. At present, a net amount of $20 million is estimated.

The affinity with luxury lives has been with pastor Mathew Ashimolowo. His enclave consists of a fleet of cars consisting of a private jet and exotic cars.

The fluent-speaker also has real estate investments. His cars include a Porsche Cayenne, a Range Rover Vogue Sport, a Hummer Jeep, and many other luxurious items. We have come to the end of the compilation and i believe everyone of us is now aware of his or her pastor's net worth.

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