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Any Pastor Who Claims He Can Fly Is Suffering From Delusion - Mental Health Practitioner Tells Why

Mental Health Practitioner, Emmanuel Aboagye Appiah has condemned the actions of some men of God who give extreme directions to church members in an interview on Adom FM. He cited examples as a man of God telling church members to chew ants and grass for healing. He said these are acts of delusion and hallucinations.

He said they mostly do that after long days of fasting. He explained that when one subjects himself to hunger for a long time, the brain is deprived of the essential nutrients to work. With this, it does not function as it's supposed to. The person then begins to see things like visions.

He added that there are several patients in his hospital with cases of delusion, some claiming the sun is speaking to them. He explained delusion as a fixed false belief that cannot be corrected with logic.

He added that if a person or man of God says he is an Angel and wants to fly, he is suffering from delusion. He cautioned that if this situation is not rectified a man of God can tell church members to enter fire to get saved and they will.  

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Emmanuel Aboagye Appiah


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