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Do you know how to find out what colour your mansion is in Heaven? Read to find out

Heaven is the home of the creator of the universe. Although it could also refer to the realms of the worlds, this article will concentrate on the realm in which the angels live, as this is the same realm in which God lives. We exist in this world today in order to die tomorrow. When we die, our souls will go to one of two eternal places: heaven or hell.

What exactly is a mansion? A mansion, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a large, impressive house. It is also referred to as a large block of flats. These definitions are earthly, and thus inaccurate, because earthly words are incapable of defining spiritual things as they truly are. Nonetheless, for the purposes of this article, we can use these definitions.

The answer to knowing the color of your mansion in heaven is an open secret, because it is within you. God will not act as if He were dealing with robots. He tailors things to our needs and desires because He created us and knows us from the inside out. Even though heaven's inhabitants walk on gold, every mansion in heaven is gold by default. In addition to the gold color, this will be your favorite color on the planet.

For example, if red is your favorite color on Earth, your heaven mansion will be red-gold in color. In other words, the radiance of your heavenly mansion will be a mix of red and gold. If green is your favorite color on Earth, the sparkle of your heaven mansion will be a combination of green and gold. If black is your favorite color on Earth, the glow of your heavenly mansion will be a combination of black and gold. This is why Heaven will be extremely colorful, because we all have different preferences for our favorite color.

What about those who have no idea what their favorite color is? As I stated earlier in this article, God knows us inside and out because He created, formed, and moulded us into who we are today; thus, He knows in advance what your favorite color is and will ensure that the vibrancy of your mansion in heaven is a balance of your favorite color and gold.

So, even though most of us have never been to heaven, we can predict the color of the mansion that will be built for us in Heaven. You will live in that mansion forever and ever and ever after you die in the Lord. But if you die in the devil, you will miss it and spend eternity in a fiery pit.

Heaven being God's abode, Jesus' sacrifice has ushered us into privileges that did not previously exist. Nobody died and went to Heaven prior to Jesus' death. Those who died righteously were allowed to rest in the upper right side of hades (Abraham's bosom), while those who died sinfully were tortured in the lower side of hades.

However, now that the ultimate sacrifice has been made, anyone who dies in the Lord will undoubtedly make it to Heaven. Is there any earthly word that can describe what heaven looks like? Are there earthly vocabularies that can paint a true picture of heaven for us? Certainly not.

We will not live in the open or on the fields in heaven; even if we must live on the heavenly fields, the joy and peace we will experience will be beyond anything we have experienced on earth. We will, however, live in mansions. Yellow is my favorite color. I can't imagine how glittery a yellow mixed with a gold color would be.

Can you imagine how different colors merged with a gold color in a perfect environment will look if different houses with different colors look so beautiful on earth? Heaven is, indeed, real. If you want more of Godly posts, please subscribe to my page.

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