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We Don't Worship gods, We Use Them As A Medium To Seek Help When We Are In Trouble - Nii Ashalley.

Normally in the Ghanaian society, when a person of a group of persons offer a sacrifice and prayers to a deity, that person or groups of persons are termed as traditionalists or idol worshipers. Some of these people believe the deity they are offering prayers to is the way they also talk to the Creator. In the Ghanaian society, these people are described as deity worshipers (abosomsomfo).

Prior to the Homowo festival which is celebrated by the Ga in the month of August, the sub-chief of the Asere Dzorshie of Kaneshie, Nii Nikoi Ashalley has taken time to explain that the fact that they pray to deities does not mean they worship them. According to him, praying to deities is the way they also talk to God Almighty. Explaining why they have traditional priests, the chief insinuated that the priests are the holy ones that are mandated to deliver their messages to the deities and that is the reason why they are there.

"We don’t worship gods, we use them as a medium to talk to the spiritual realm when we are in trouble and they bring us the message. Our Wulom3 are not fetish, they are traditional priests, they go into their holy rooms and bring the message back to us"

He added "yes we have deities, when we pray we call on God first but there is a way to communicate to God traditionally and it is through these mediums just like Christians do it through Jesus. So we don’t worship them, we send them. That is why we have the two words ‘Won Dzamo’, when you worship, then ‘Wo Ye Wontwu Won’, when you go to bring the message to us”. He made this known when he was exclusively on TV3

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Almighty Asere Dzorshie Ghanaian Homowo Nii Nikoi Ashalley


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