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To walk focus and following our Lord Jesus Christ, is your Best Option

Beloved. The Creator and His creations. Who did your mind and heart ask you to follow?

In Today's scripture, according to Mathew chapter 8 and the verse 22, imagine that the creator is calling His people to follow Him and Worship. But His people are rather not willing to listen to Him.

Jesus Christ is asking human beings to follow Him in to greatness. Yet humans have not agreed to follow God. What a World?

People prefer darkness to light. Meanwhile, if you follow our Lord Jesus Christ, you will end up benefitting a 100% every great thing.

From His mercy to Grace. Providing. Etc. Etc.

Matthew chapter 7 and the verse 11. Said we are evil but we have never given stone for food. And serpent for fish, whenever our children ask us for food and fish.

Not to talk about He our Lord Jesus Christ the creator and the Provider of all our needs, should be wicked to us. But humans don't like that. Humans are rather interested in satan.

The another great news here is that following Jesus Christ, Protection is freely available for us. And a lot more. Let me tell you that run and join with the Winning team. The Team is our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Bless You.

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