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Powerful Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting Based On My Own Personal Experience.

5 Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting Based On My Own Personal Experience

1. It gives you strength

Nothing gives you strength to overcome sin more than fasting, every small contact with a woman your dicck stands, this doesn't happen when you fast, you have this ability to stand your ground

Fasting is the only thing that can give you strength to fast, when I fast I have the urge to fast more

2. Spiritual immune

What I mean by spiritual immune is the same thing your biological immune do for you, when your immune system is strong it fights sickness without your knowledge

When you live a fasting and prayer lifestyle, it strengthens your spiritual immune that the spiritual bullets shot at you won't peneterate without you even knowing

3. Your spiritual porters opens up

Anytime am on fast my spiritual porters (doors) opens up that I can receive and give spiritually, I can easily connect to the anointing and disconnects from the world

4. Revelation outbreak

The first time I heard from God was

In a middle of 7 days water fasting in camp of faith okigwe, fasting connects you to the voice of the Holy spirit, fasting also attract the voice of the enemy but the same fasting will dictate the voice of the enemy

Fasting brings revelations in all angle, both in dreams, scriptural and human utterances

5. Fasting also breaks the yoke

There are certain things you can't conquer without fasting, there are battles you can't win without fasting

I spent many years in the bondage of masturbation until my fasting lifestyle began, I broke out in Mountain of fire prayer city Lagos, if you are a believer fasting is for you

Remember when you fast without prayers, you are just looking for a shape.

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