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Why does the Bible state that money is the root of all evil while being the answer to all things?

God gave Solomon the ability to impart words of wisdom into the lives of mankind. He prayed to God, asking for wisdom to lead the Children of Israel into the promised land. Solomon was not only blessed with knowledge, but also with wealth. Money Answers All Things is God's wisdom, reflecting your trust in him.

The passage's emphasis is money answering all questions, yet money cannot speak in an audible voice. So, how can money provide a solution to everything? Solomon is creating an image for the last lines of Ecclesiastes' 19th verse. He claims that food or bread is created for laughing, that alcohol makes life more pleasant or joyful, and that money answers all problems. Because it responded to everything by adding laughter, sadness, pleasure, or indifference, all of which are human emotions. Money is just a means of exchanging commodities and services. The money you own has no emotions or feelings. Remember that Solomon stated that when you consider about eternity, everything is folly or useless. When you read this text in that perspective, it will take on a whole new meaning.

Use money to trade goods and services rather than to substitute God in our lives. "The love of money is the root of all evil," God declares. So, don't love money more than God. What good is it if a guy gains the whole world but loses his soul in the end? Many people have died and gone to hell as a result of their greed for money. Money's response to the wise is "use money wisely and don't let money use you."

Money is the solution to everything. Whatever your need is, money will provide it. But if it hasn't already fulfilled a need–for example, your tithe, rent, food, or savings–then it will. And that something will certainly be something you regret you hadn't replied.

What is the solution?

The solution is simple: as soon as you get money, tell it what to do. Because money is the solution to all questions. And if I've already instructed that money what to say, it's out of commission. It's like a chess piece that has been removed from the board. It does what I tell it to do as quickly as I tell it what to do, and then it's done. So, how do you get your money to behave? As soon as you get it, tell it what to respond to.

What has your money been saying? What, if anything, will you do to get a different response? Leave a comment!

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