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Prophet 1 Miracle Water Turns Into A Snake, Woman Narrates

The issue of false prophets in Ghana has been a severe headache to some of us due to the deadly impact they have on Ghanaians. There is no doubt that the mysterious prophecies and actions of these fake men has made it very difficult for most Ghanaians to point at a genuine man of God in Ghana.

Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, leader and founder of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre has been exposed many times as a fake man of God. It has been said by many and many times that he uses marine spirit to perform his so called miracles. His popular 'abura mu nsuo' has also been revealed many times by those who knows the realms of the spirit that it is demonic.

A woman whose name I do not have to mention here recently recounts how prophet 1’s ‘Opambour’ ‘miracle water' (abura mu nsuo) turned into a snake at night in her room.

She said, the said miracle water was given to her by a friend who invited her to Opambour's church which she could not attend. The friend later gave her some of the water she bought from Opambour and asked her to sprinkle it at where she sells. She said she poured the water into an empty voltic contain and placed it near her bed. According to her, she had night mares throughout that night and in an attempt to pick the ‘miracle' water so that she can wash her face with it, she saw a snake in the water. 

It was a terrible night for her and early that morning, she took the water to the refuse dump and poured it there and threw the bottle away. 

It is very sad that nothing can be done to eliminate or reduce the heinous activities of these false prophets. Their presence in the country is causing harm in areas of social, economic, religious and development of the country. The government of Ghana must wake up.

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