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I killed many pastors but could not even touch the true Christians who were not Pastors - Confession

In a documrnted testimony that has gone viral on the internet, a former Satanist now in Christ has made a confession and urged why everyone needs to develop a very personal relationship with the Lord.

Since Corinthians 2:11 warns us not to be ignorant of the devil's schemes, it is critical that we pay attention to the devil's activities.

He claims that as a former Satanist, his father died as a result of Satan's enslavement. Following that, he began to engage in rituals and began to drink the blood of snakes and rats.

Most of the time, Satan taught him what he needed to do in order to become his son with superpowers through dreams. Every night as he slept, he recalls how a negative energy entered his mind and caused him to dream of conversing with Satan.

He claimed that Satan once told him, "Kill all the Christians who are impeding my work." He frequently cast spells on all Christians who came to evangelize in his region.

He assassinated many pastors because their work was converting the majority of the people in the village. He recalls the demons telling him, "You can succeed in attacking them because they are not clothed in the armor of their God."

He was very successful in his attacks on Christians, but he was surprised that some Christians could not be killed or afflicted with sickness. Regarding them, he stated that despite all of his attacks, they remained unharmed. He could see the Holy Spirit's seal on them; they had a fireball in their lives.

He couldn't figure out why he had failed with the genuine Christians. He needed to figure out how he failed with all the satanic powers he possessed.

He claimed that he asked the demons to reveal these men's secrets. His eyes were opened by the Evil Spirit. Believers were dressed in white armor, complete with breastplates, shields, helmets, and breastplate protection. They appeared to be war riders, with their armor gleaming.

He went on to explain how the demons claimed that those believers were protected by celestial armor and that spells could not be cast on them because of their defense. More than half of the Christians, in his opinion, were dressed in insufficient armor.

Some lacked a helmet, others lacked a breastplate, and still others lacked a shield. The spells on the unprotected body part struck those who were missing parts of their armor. Those who lacked armor were naked and unprotected from the celestial armor.

Every time he wanted to kill a believer, he had to first see if he or she was fully clothed in God's armor. All of those who wore God's armor rendered his attacks ineffective.

In a Christian's walk, it is critical to be fully clothed in God's armour. When we are fully armed, the Lord provides us with complete protection.

We receive partial protection from the Lord when we are partially armed. Let us seek God in spirit and in truth to ensure complete protection from the devil's constant attacks. Please share this post and subscribe to my page.

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