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"No Woman Pastor Nor Woman Of God"-See The Bible Verse This Guy Posted That Got People Talking

Today we bring to you an article on the verse of the Bible a guy posted on his twitter handle about women as pastors or women of God that got people talking.

The guy has been identified as Bright Sunday had shown the portion of the Bible that had stated in clear terms that woman should not speak in church, in other words they should not be pastors or women of God.

To begin who is a woman? A woman is an adult female human. The term woman may also refer to a girl. The plural women is sometimes used for female humans regardless of age, as in phrases such as "women's rights."

Typically, a woman has two X chromosomes.

Let's take an often misinterpreted verse: “I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man; she must be silent” (1 Tim. 2:12).

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

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