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Here Are 10 Famous Churches Converted into Mosques, See Why

There is a report that by 2040, the Muslim population will be as much as the Christian population. Many churches have been converted into mosques because of the Muslim population that is very devoted to their faith.

One of the last sermons of the Prophet Muhammad says; All mankind is from Adam and Eve, No race is superior to another except by piety and good deed, every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim and remember that one day you will stand before Allah and answer for your actions.

Here are 10 churches converted into mosques:

1. Saint-Nicolas Church

This church was transformed into a mosque after being destroyed by the Communists in 1968, an anti-religious campaign.

2. Saint-Gerard Catholic Church

Saint-Gerard Catholic Church was converted into a mosque after the court granted permission and due to the increase in the Muslim population in New York.

3. The Saint-Philippe cathedral of Algiers

Originally, it was a mosque converted into a church in 1845, but was later converted back to a Ketchaoua mosque in 1962.

4. Hagia Sopia Church

This church was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in Turkey.

5. Jami Masjid in Buffalo, New York.

This was officially the Roman Catholic Queen but was later converted into a mosque.

6. Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam

Mosque of Jesus as it was popularly called, it's located in Syracuse, New York, and it was an official Catholic church before it was converted to a mosque.

7. Attarine Mosque

Known as the Mosque of Saint Anthanasius, it was a Catholic church turned into a mosque when Islam came to Egypt and it was built in AD 370.

8. The Great Mosque of Tangier

It was originally built as a church in Morocco but was later converted to a mosque.

9. Nyalgosi Jamia Mosque

It was previously called the Church of the Call of God of Nyalgosi in Kenya. The church was converted into a mosque after the bishop of Kenya accepted Islam.

10. German church

It was converted into a mosque to accommodate 2,000 congregations during prayers.

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