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Humility Has Disappeared From the Church - According to the Archbishop

The General Overseer and the Presiding Archbishop of the Action Chapel International Ministries, Nicholas Duncan-Williams has disclosed to his church members that, "Humility is missing from the church. "There is no more humility in the church".

Narrating why, he had come to that conclusion, the Archbishop said, years ago he had a pastor in his church. And according to him, that pastor was a Luciferian.

Continuing, he said Bishop Dag had just started his church with a small fellowship at Korle Bu. And this pastor of his went to do a crusade around the area where Bishop Dag had started his fellowship.

This according to the Archbishop was to compete with Bishop Dag with my pictures and everything. "He didn't tell me but just want to compete with Bishop Dag".

Further, he added Bishop Dag came to his house and enquired about what was happening. "That you are having a crusade at where my church is, and you didn't tell me, that is not right" he quoted bishop Dag.

Duncan-Williams continued that, when he enquired from his pastor why he did that? He answered that, if he (Bishop Dag) has church at that place, it doesn't bar him from also organising his crusade at the same spot. Archbishop Duncan-Williams said he replied his pastor saying "I don't do that, I don't fight my children. I don't fight the brethren and I said that is a wrong principle".

He continued his narration by saying that, "My leg was in POP with clutches and I went to Bishop Dag's house, and I said, I'm sorry, forgive me, it wouldn't happen again".

According to Duncan-Williams, the Lord spoke to him saying "Secure the relationship. He might be young today but one day, he would be big and huge and he would help you, so protect the relationship.

He added, the Lord told him," What that young man did was to spoil a future strategic relationship, so protect it. According to him, he realised that, the only way he could protect the relationship was to humble himself and go and apologise to Bishop Dag. "Because one of my pastors offended him".

The Papa as he is affectionately called was delivering a sermon in his church monitored in a Facebook post by F. A. Boateng.

He concluded that, in today's church people don't have the humility to apologise again. He added one day he rebuked his son for something he didn't do. 

According to the Archbishop, when he latter found out that his son was innocent, he said "I had to apologise and say sorry for reacting the way I did which hurt his feelings". Humility would take you to places but today there is no humility anymore" he ended. 

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