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Another Prophet of God will Die: Prophet Nigel Gaisie Reveals which

It is only a few days ago that news of the death of T. B. Joshua spread like wildfire. The burial of this prophet has not even been fixed yet and already there’s a rumour about the impending death of yet another prophet of God.

As human beings living on this earth, no one knows for certain the day of his death, however, this is not the situation for Prophet Nigel Giasie as he shares his revelation with his congregation. 


Prophet Nigel Gaisie who is the founder and head of the Prophetic Hill Chapel told his congregation that God has revealed his time of death to him. According to him, his time of death will happen sooner than later. Whilst speaking to his congregation about the recent passing of T.B Joshua, Prophet Nigel said, “I cry because God has told me. He said he will take me away very soon because of how you people are handling us”.

According to the prophet, Nigerians are to blame for the death of T. B. Joshua. The reason why he made this statement is that he believes that he was stressed out by his people always calling him fake. He compared T.B Joshua and Bishop Idahosa with other white men of God. He said that African prophets died earlier but the white men such as Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonke, they lived to see their old age.


“…we don’t sleep”, he further exclaimed because no one will pray for him when he needs prayers and no one will speak pleasant things to him. He also stated that if not for the advice he gets from some of the congregation, he would have left Ghana. He explained to the congregation that bishops and prophets such as himself come as a gift to the World and our generation but people use their evil mouth to stop them. This is one of the reasons why he cries in church. He knows why he’s crying, he cries because he knows. “I know God will take me away and it will not belong”.

Finally, he explained that whenever he prophesies and is under worship; he cries because God has told him how he will take him away very soon and it is as a result of how people handle them.

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