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Stop Calling me a Muslim, I’m Wearing Hijab Because My Backsides Is Making Men Sin- Sister Catherine

Sister Catherine, often known as Mummy G. O, a well-known Nigerian evangelist, is said to have revealed why she chooses to wear a hijab despite being a devout Christian.

Sister Catherine clarifies that she is a born again Christian who was commanded by God in a dream to cease falling for men because of her outfits, which show her body form and make men feel lured when they see it.

I chose to start wearing a hijab to cover my backside in order to follow God's commandments, despite the fact that my fellow Christians thought I was mimicking the Muslim lifestyle by wearing a hijab, which was not my intention.

She is wearing a hijab to prevent men from sinning. Most meant are attracted to ladies with heavy backsides but sister Catherine is prevent men from sinning by watching her heavy backside.

She made this clear in one of her recent interviews, watch it here

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