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Another Prophecy Of Badu Kobi Surface Online After All That He's Been Through. [WATCH]

God's mighty men in the Bible, such as Elijah, Elisha, Enock, Daniel, Moses, Noah, and others, were able to communicate directly with the creator himself. Some of them were so powerful that they could call fire from heaven to come down in the blink of an eye. Because of what certain people did at the time, some of them even closed the floodgates of heaven for years. Elijah and Enock did not see death since they were transported to heaven in their bodies by fiery chariots. Some believe Elijah and Enock were Angels, and that this is why they did not die in the first instance.

They are all dead and gone thousands of years later. A new generation of humanity is walking the earth's surface. It's the same in the end times as it was in the old days. Thousands of prophets exist all throughout the world. Some men of God are authentic men of God who speak God's mind exactly as they hear it. Others fool their followers by pretending to be speaking on behalf of God Almighty, who never fails, by saying words of their own expertise.

Badu Kobi has recently been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The beleaguered prophet of God failed miserably in his predictions for the recently concluded Copa América championship. I don't need to go over this news with you again because it's all over the internet. Although the fallout from his failed forecasts has yet to subside, he has issued another prophecy and it is not yet clear if he said it months ago or just yesterday after all that he's been through concerning his failed prophecies. Maybe this is the only one he had coming to pass.

According to him, South Africa will be shaken, and the president will be affected. Do we regard this as a prognosis, given that the scenario in South Africa is already unfolding as hundreds of people are being killed on the streets?

Watch video here

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