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"It’s his attitude and also a demonic curse" - Prophetess to TT

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Psalm Adjeteyfio (TT) has been placed under a demonic spell, according to a prophetess named Sofo Maame Adumtumwaa, which prevents him from earning money and acquiring property.

She claimed that there is a spiritual condition that causes people to remain poor indefinitely, and that this is the situation that the veteran actor is in.

Maame Adutwumwaa stated that no amount of money given to the actor will be able to cure his illness, and that the only solution is fervent prayer.

“It’s his attitude and also a demonic curse. In the spirit world, it could be that a hole has been created in his palm so every money he makes pours out. I’ve known TT for long. I was very young when I heard of him but he’s still stagnant in life.''

''When I look at all the monies he has been given, he is not supposed to be caught in this state of begging. I have no doubt that he has been placed under a spiritual spell. No matter how huge the amount of any money he receives, it will still be lost and not properly accounted for. The pathetic aspect of this whole situation is that he doesn’t even know God.”

Meanwhile, Ghanaians are fed up with Psalm Adjeteyfio's seemingly endless begging.

Ghanaians have witnessed the actor's plight, which has sparked various conversations on social media, ranging from poor health to financial constraints.

The recurrence of his problems has become a source of grave concern for Ghana, as there always seems to be a new problem to solve whenever an old one is resolved.

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