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Could He Be The 2nd Moses: Strange Man Commands Water To Move Back And Forth In Viral Video. (Watch)

I'm completely perplexed and have no idea how to express myself. I've witnessed a lot of miracles on social media, but many of them turned out to be staged. Miracles do occur, just as they did in the Bible. Moses was given command over the sea, allowing the Israelites to pass through it and escape the Egyptians. God also gave Noah instructions to build the first ship in human history to avoid death, in addition to Moses. These were actual miracles performed by God.

A bizarre man who was observed clutching a thing like Moses has done the unthinkable in a video that has gone viral on social media. In the footage, the man can be seen on the riverbank repeating various incantations. Surprisingly, the water moved back and forth in response to the man's incantations. Despite the fact that the man talked in a language I didn't understand, I could tell he was acknowledging the almighty God in his attempt to control the river.

The second individual in the video, who filmed the footage, was stunned, as would anyone else. What are your thoughts on this video? Is it a ruse or do you have real abilities?

Watch video here

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