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10 Years After She Claimed Giving Bishop Oyedepo Spiritual Powers, Where Is Erelu Agbaye?

Being successful in life is not an easy task because there are many challenges you can go through in life that can make you fall. But one thing is that whoever is God without anyone can fight against him.

This proverb describes the life of the popular Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo who was so controversial as a man of God.

David Ojedepo is one of the richest pastors in Africa. He was born on September 27, 1954 in Osogbo. Also the founder of the AKA Winning Chapel of Living Faith Church. Pastor David has become so controversial as a man of God that it is tantamount to destroying his church in terms of trust and development.

Ten years ago, a woman named Erelu Agbaye claimed that she gave Pastor David the charm and power he used to lead his church. It sounded ridiculous at first, but then turned into serious business because that woman boldly said that Pastor Oyedepo used demonic power instead of divine power. All of this has happened in the past, but the pain and stain it inflicts on Christianity cannot easily be forgotten.

In an interview with him, Erellu Agbaye said that he is the person behind the success of many servants of God in Nigeria. He mentioned some of God's men such as Prophet Abiara, Pastor Olabode Odunayo and Samson Ajorinde and said that these people were really looking for the help he offered them. He said that all of his powers were not from God but using demonic powers.

According to her, she said that her main purpose was simply to give her life to Christ and she felt she had confessed all her sins because some of God's men even gave her the opportunity to use her altar to spread their message to the World.

However, he said that Bishop Oyedepo did not recognize him or even paid attention to him. They made a lot of people think it was true, but then published the same media outlet that gave their platform a chance to say whatever, then the woman admitted that everything she said was planned, even though it was hard for many to believe the latest news.

Today my question is: where is Erelu Agbaye? because it can't be found anymore and all its handles remain inactive on social networks. Is he still attending the conference or has he moved overseas?

Do you believe something he said in 2010?

Content created and supplied by: Ashamoa004 (via Opera News )

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