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Confession: I saw how satan laughed at some Christians who were his - Sister Victoire's Testimony

This is the testimony of sister Afangbedzi Victoire from the Republic of Togo, married to an Mr. Herbert, an evangelist. This is the link to the story:

From afar, she saw the dark and ugly satan laughing and beating his chest. She continued “I asked him, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am Satan, and you Victoire is the one attacking and pulling souls away from my kingdom but today, here we stand face- to-face and we shall see."

"LHe was beating his chest and boasting. "I have succeeded to get a hold of most of the churches on the earth. I have caused people in churches to gossip and backstab one another. I have caused them to murmur and complain about one another. I am responsible for all of that." 

He was laughing so much and continued "I have taken control of music and dance that is played in many churches. These dances and music are mine. I have caused choirs and musical groups to be in immorality. They are corrupt. I am responsible for all that." The devil was beating his chest with pride.

"I have caused members of churches to be quarreling and arguing between themselves. I have sent my agents in all the churches of the earth. I have removed and killed holiness in many churches and I have replaced it with stain and fornication. I am responsible for all these."

"I have caused pastors to reject their wives and to marry other women, foreign women who are my agents. When these pastors married my agents after rejecting their legal wives, I write the names of their churches in my book because they belong to me."

"I have removed liberality in the churches. I caused pastors to be in conflict with their members. I have taken over barbershops and bars and nightclubs. They are my houses and my temples." Satan was boasting and beating his chest and laughing.

She observed how satan was overjoyed because of how he has succeeded with his activities in churches. Then, Jesus said unto her, "You heard what he said. They are his churches which are also focused on miracles and manifestations, but not on the Word. They are all seduced by the devil."

As Jesus was talking to her, the devil was standing at a distance and observing. Jesus then said to her again, "He has no power. You must exercise authority over him in My Name."

Right away, when she said, "In the Name of Jesus Christ," the devil collapsed and fell to the ground. Jesus continued, "whenever satan opposes you when go out to preach, just use My name and he will fall like he has fallen because he has no power." 

The Lord Jesus explained to her how the devil uses marriage to drag souls to hell. He said that any woman whose dowry was not paid in full but lives together with a man and has giving birth will miss the rapture because that is fornication. Men have to pay the dowry to her family; if not, they are regarded as fornicators.

This is clear enough. If you have not paid her dowry as given by her family, you are a fornicator. In Africa, it is common to see a lady living with her boyfriend due to numerous reasons. For such people, hell will be their endpoint.

Satan, through fashion, has captured the souls of many. Any soul that the devil has captured will end up in Hell fire. He said he has taken over the barbering shops. How? He has introduced his hairstyle.

Those images or pictures seen at the barbering shops or salons or seamstress' were all designed from the pit of Hell. Once you choose any style of his, he captures your soul right away. Do not be ignorant of the devil's decides.

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