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Powerful Sunday Evening Prayer For Divine Acceleration

Romans 8: 18 "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us".

Paul knew more than anyone what it meant to suffer as a Christian. And yet, he did not think the sufferings of this life and of this age were anything remotely comparable to the glorification of God's saints that awaited the age to come. The sufferings of life are but momentary, like a blip on a radar screen, compared to the endless days of eternity.

Prayer Points

O Father I exalt Your name and bless You for the mercies and Grace extended to my family and friends.

Just like any person, I am imperfect and with faults, Father Lord forgive me of all my inequities and cleanse me of all unrighteous.

Dear God, you bestowed upon the Israelites Your presence and made them a shinning star. Let Your presence be with me and my household.

Your presence accelerated the Israelites for greatness. Father Lord, let Your presence cause a divine acceleration over my life and cause a turnaround.

O Father, you have in wisdom and love to us ordained times of trials and sufferings for our own ultimate benefit and your own glory. Grant me the divine strength to endure.

Teach us not to complain but to trust your process and purposes in sending sufferings, even when those purposes are unknown to us.

Make our life glorious and a testament of Your hand in our lives. Say this prayer fourteen times.

As we enter a new week cause my destiny helpers to locate me and bring me opportunities. Say this prayer fourteen times

Cause a change in my life Lord. Say this prayer seven times.

Thank You Lord for coming through for me this Sunday evening. Sing any thanksgiving song of praise and worship.

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