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Husband and wife relationship

Categories Of Men To Avoid As A Christian Lady Ready To Mingle.

A visionless man: A man who lacks vision can never have vision for the marriage. He lacks foresight for himself, you as an intending wife to be and his children.

An atheist : A man who does not believe in the living God can never be compatible with you in marriage.

He doesn't believe in the Almighty God (Jehovah) and you call yourself a Christian, don't mingle into marriage with him.

A proud man: He is so proud that he can't humble himself to apologize, instead he raises unnecessary arguments to justify himself, avoid him.

If you blindly enter into wedlock with him, you'll always be the guilty one whenever there's a misunderstanding because he won't admit he's wrong.

A jealous and envious man: Your success as a young lady or woman makes him uncomfortable, and he doesn't support your dreams rather he despises your achievements, avoid him. 

Take an inventory check of yourself, check if you're making progress or retrogressing after you met this dude.

A womanizer : He plays games with women's heart and body, and you know about it, stay clear from him. To you, “he loves you more than them and has even promised to stop”, it's better to break up with him than you're being broken in marriage. 

In marriage, both your heart and body will be broken as a result of constant beatings from him.

A sluggard: He doesn't have something doing for cash flow, and he's not willing to do anything. All he does is to call his wealthy relations and friends to request for money.

He boasts with their riches, not his own. 

Know this, the son of a rich man is not rich until he has his source of income aside his father's wealth.

An undisciplined man: He lacks discipline, he talks and behaves anyhow.

He has no principles guiding his life, avoid him.

An incorrigible man: He can never admit his wrong dispositions, talk more of taking corrections. Christian ladies, avoid him.

A man without godly authority over him: He might be a Christian, but he does not submit to his father or spiritual fathers and mentor, run for your dear life.

A winebibber: He drinks alcohol and is a drunkard, avoid him.

Drunkards are not achievers, avoid them.

A prayerless man: A man who cannot take advantage of his priesthood position in his home to me and command how things will be in his family from the realm of the spirit, he is a joker. 

Christian Ladies, be wise and do not be deceived. If you feel you are being blinded by love today in that relationship where the warning signs are visible already, a horrible marriage will open your eyes tomorrow.

Look deep into that relationship and be honest to yourself. 

 Aside These, Please Be Prayerful Yourself Because He May Deceive You With Them.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelOB4 (via Opera News )

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