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Coffin Seller Always Pray To God To Get More Customers (SEE DETAILS) - Opinion

Coffin sellers in Ghana mostly mould their own coffins out of strong and quality woods to attract buyers and customers.

The coffin sellers are mostly carpenters and their population is very high in most of the regions in Ghana so therefore, everyone is struggling to sell his product by moulding different types of coffin shapes to attract buyers and customers so that they can earn more money to cater for their families.

People who always make a statement that, “if you want your work to progress, put God first by praying to Him as you speak out your heart desires”.

So the coffin sellers always pray to God for their job to progress and if their job will progress unless civilians die.

The most funny aspect of this is that, whiles the coffin sellers are praying for their job to progress so that they can earn a little for themselves, civilians will also be praying to God for protection so that they can live long on earth.

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