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VIDEO: Check Out The Reaction Of An Old Woman As A Pastor Was Delivery A Lady In This Manner

There have been numerous reports of how some pastors fake deliverance service in the church. These false men of God plan the deliverance session with some people before the service commence. Christians with discerning of spirit can ascertain to know that a particular miracle being performed by a supposed man of God is fake.

The Holy Scriptures also said in Matthew 7:16b "You will know them by their fruits". In view of this, some people check the behaviours of men of God to know whether what they are doing is of God or the devil. The old woman in your picture has been captured laughing at a deliverance session in a church.

Checking the video, the lady being delivered was sitting on a chair when the pastor approached her to pray for her. The pastor was saying these words, "Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit!! Holy Spirit!!!". As he was saying this, the lady was giving seriously winding her waist on her seat as if she was having sexual intercourse with someone. The pastor then put his hands on her shoulder and stomach and continued saying, "Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit!! Holy Spirit!!!".

But still, the lady was giving winding her waist in her chair. This propelled the old woman sitting by the lady in the chair to laugh and look at the pastor and the lady strangely. Her facial expression shows that either she doubt what the pastor is doing or how the lady is behaving in the chair.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that the lady is faking the deliverance because when the pastor said "Stop", she actually stopped her waist. But when he was mentioning Holy Spirit, the lady was still winding her waist.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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