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The Reason I will take the Vaccine - Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is a Pastor and founder of Word Miracle Church International, later Perez Chapel International, a Pentecostal-Charismatic ministry in Ghana. He is the founder of Precious TV, Chancellor of the Perez University.

The presiding Bishop in a recent video admonished the general public most especially members of his church to disregard any stories surrounding the coronavirus vaccine and take their jab when their turn comes.

He went ahead to say, he will definitely take his jab when it reaches his turn.

He was heard saying "As a Nation, we have been privilege to receive 600, 000 vaccines and they've started deploying them. But there are so many stories going on about the vaccine and I thought that as your Pastor, I should make a few things clear to you.

Last year, was one year we prayed and fast like never before and our prayer was to bring down the coronavirus and that a solution will be found. Even though we believe God is a prayer answering God, vaccine have been created and most Christians are saying that, it is too quick. Did we not prayed that God should provide? And God has done it and now we are saying it's too quick. That means that even tho we were praying, we weren't really believing for it. And some how saying that is it is an opportunity to kill all of us.

If you are travelling to most countries, if you don't have a yellow card showing that you've been vaccinated against polio, yellow fever and many other like that, they won't allow you into the country. We travel with a yellow card and we don't believe everybody is going to kill us, so why should we think that e everybody is going to kill us. If you need yellow card to enter to other countries and you get them through vaccinations in the same way very soon if you don't have the card that shows you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, there are places you can't go. And so some Christians are saying that the card they are given for the vaccination is the mark of the beast.

If carrying your yellow card is not the mark of the beast, why should the coronavirus be the mark of the beast. The truth about the mark of the beast, the Bible tells us Jesus will appear in the sky and those who have die in Christ shall rise first and those who are not dead would be transformed and we will be caught up with him and we will go with him known as the rapture. When the Church is raptured, those who are left on earth here, there will be a 7 years period called the period of the Tribulation. There's the early part of the Tribulation which is the first three and half years and then by the second three and half years, they will be given the mark of the beast.

The Church has not been raptured yet, meaning the rapture has not happened yet. If the rapture has not happened yet, then the mark of the beast is not coming. So the vaccination is not the mark of the beast. Some are saying they are going to kill all of us, now if everybody is going to die, are you the only one who want to remain here? Because you even have the hope that should you go today, you will be with the Lord.

Now if we prayed and in a short time vaccines have been created, and if there are any side effects, in Exodus chapter 23 and verse 25, the Bible says, If you shall serve the Lord, he will bless your bread and your water and he will take sickness from the mist of you. So if there are any side effects, what you and I are going to pray is that our God who is able to use all things to work together for our good, He should use this vaccine for our good. Whatever plans the devil has, may his plan be disappointed. Because God will turn it for our good.

So what I'm saying as your Pastor and as your Bishop, is when my turn comes to take the vaccine, I'm taking it."

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