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You will hear God very clearly when you do these- Apostle Selman

Many of us have robbed the Holy Spirit from finding expression. Many of us God has been wanting to pass through you but there's always this excuse, 'I am busy, trying to make money, trying to read books, trying to be successful. Our spirit is not malleable enough for the Holy Spirit to pass through us. The restrain is too much. That's why our discernment is very low because we are busy. To hear God more clearly, do this. 👇

1. Stay in the Lord's presence.

There are some of us our dreams,visions, encounters and revelations have ceased.

You will never catch certain frequencies when you are busy around, trying to combine spirituality and many other things. The presence of God is a full time assignment. You must stay until the melody and the power comes. Many people have been praying to reach new levels but it is not just about the prayer, learn to stay in His presence. The glory doesn't just fall overnight, but when you stay your spiritman begins to acclimatise to the frequency of the Spirit. It is not a hit and run thing that after a while you want to come out and share with accuracy. It doesn't work like that. There is a staying. You must learn to stay.

2. Maintain the secret place.

There are many of us here, now the secret place is very strange to us because we're busily trying to make a living. The church has lost the art of the secret place. The secret place is a place of power. The secret place is where you will have a message. If the glory of God does not sit on you, you will have no message. It's not about rhema. It's about the presence that follows it.You can preach all you can but there's a glory. Don't joke with the secret place because that is what brings impact. That is what breaks chains.

Don't rob God of finding a truly anointed vessel in you

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